Harold Pinchbeck luxury English watches

Proven in extreme conditions ...

A classic for the connoisseur ...

A 300 year English heritage ...

A record breaking watch ...

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"Pinchbeck has the highest regard for British craftsmanship and engineering, so the watches are produced to the highest standard, with understated styling, and are built to give good service for many generations, just like our motorcycles"        

Mark Upham,  CEO.  Brough Superior Motorcycles.

"This watch will look truly superb! A perfect partner and fitting timepiece for our cars. The design and engineering quality within Harold Pinchbeck watches is synonymous with the very best"          

Dr Anthony Keating,  CEO.  Keating Supercars.

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"As Mr England and being involved in Mr World I do a lot of traveling and I need 2 things; perfect time and the perfect look. One of the things I would never be without is my Harold Pinchbeck watch."

Roland Johnson - Mr England.

"My Pinchbeck is still keeping time perfectly . . . I have only taken it off once during its 31 days at sea so far!"

"As we round the corner and head North, The Pinchbeck-Mckinlay continues to go strong!"  

J. McKinlay - World Record professional Adventurer!


"My Pinchbeck Christopher watch has kept perfect time to the second and brought me home in 44 hours 23 minutes (one hour and 37 minutes inside my deadline).  Many thanks to Harold Pinchbeck for their wonderful support."

Will Battle - Adventurer.


"I am exceedingly proud to wear an English made Pinchbeck watch, a unique watch that was specially made just for me! On my adventures I want something very reliable, but also beautiful, and my Pinchbeck watch fills both of these needs perfectly!"

Roger Davies - Businessman and avid Adventurer

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Made in England . . .

Built by skilled hands!

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