H A R O L D   P I N C H B E C K

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5 year warranty 100% risk free Lifetime guarantee

3.   Provenance. You will be dealing with a member of the Pinchbeck family (their watchmaking roots can be traced back three centuries), who knows the craftsmen and engineers who make the case, dial, hands and strap for your watch. Who else can offer this, at anything like our prices?


4.   Service. We will keep in touch with you not only while your watch is being built, but after you take delivery. After three months we will invite you to return your watch for a complimentary 'settling in' service to make certain that all is as it should be. It will also carry a five year warranty: in fact, if you follow our servicing guidelines the movement will be guaranteed for your lifetime. We are always available to answer any questions you might have about your watch.


5.   And, finally, Englishness.


The Christopher affords the greatest choice. Even in its 'standard' form your watch will have a beautifully hand-engraved chapter ring, a laser-engraved back and options for the case design. Other features and finishes are available, and we will be pleased to advise you.


The Brough Superior and Keating watches can also be personalised, particularly in terms of colour and the use of precious metals, so that you can enjoy your own interpretation of their special styles.


Alternatively, our Premier Range comprises ready-to-wear watches priced from £549 to £1399. Click here for more information.









BROUGH SS101 McKinlay square4 Brough SS100 watch by Harold Pinchbeck. Lambeth small square



keating square





Cheslea Reach 300x320

Your Bespoke Collection watch: a limited edition of one . . .


A watch from the Harold Pinchbeck Bespoke Collection? It won't tell the time more accurately, and at first glance it might not look much different from any other watch. So what makes it special?


1.   You're commissioning a unique piece, not buying off the shelf. When you order your watch many of its parts will not even exist, because they will be made especially for you. Your watch will be subtly different - even from a similar Pinchbeck - because it will be built and finished by hand. It's a process that defies mass production, and which cannot be rushed – but the wait will be worthwhile! Special possessions like this have a soul, and tell a story, which is why they are a source of such pride and quiet satisfaction. Nobody else will own anything that is quite identical.


2.   Choice. Whether you choose your options from a menu, or through a more detailed and personal process, your watch will be a far more individual creation than any high street shop can provide. We will consult with you by email, telephone and in person, discussing your watch's features and advising you on the practicalities.

Christopher 300x320 A