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Corporate customised watch service . . .

A beautiful watch: the perfect gift for valued clients or employees!


You can have a number of watches customised to make them even more special.  As well as personal engraving you can have a customised dial with your logo, crest or even a completely individual design.


There is no minimum order quantity, although there are always certain one-off charges that have to be applied across the order. The lead time is in the region of ten weeks from approval of designs.


To give some idea of cost, an order for ten Williams, with your logo on the dial and engraved plaques on the wooden presentation boxes would be at a similar unit cost (£479) to our standard list price.


However, every order is different, so we will always quote individually.  


Please email info@haroldpinchbeck.co.uk or telephone 01522 560550 to discuss your ideas.

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