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7634195 x 900 Will Battle competing in the 2009 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc keeping time with his specially made English Pinchbeck watch.

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

In September 2009 we were delighted to sponsor Lincolnshire-born adventurer Will Battle in Europe's toughest foot race, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Together with his Pinchbeck Christopher watch, Will successfully completed the race. We would like to congratulate him, and to thank him for providing yet more proof that, while elegant enough for the most sophisticated occasions, Pinchbeck watches can withstand extreme conditions.  Read Will's account of his venture here: Click here

Will Battle completing the 2009 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc wearing his handmade English Christopher watch. Will Battle finishing the 2009 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc wearing his Harold Pinchbeck Christopher watch.

Will Battle keeping pace on the 'Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc 2009' race:

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