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J McKinlay + Watch + wave2 Adventurer Jason McKinlay wearing the Pinchbeck-McKinlay Challenger watch on the GB Row 2013.

At Harold Pinchbeck we are keen to encourage, and associate with, adventurers who push the boundaries of endurance. Apart from anything else it is a good way to test our watches in extreme conditions, as Roger Davies proved when he wore a Pinchbeck on his 2009 North Pole expedition.


Jason McKinlay of Devon is such an adventurer: in June 2013 he is competing in the GB Rowing Challenge. Together with colleague Josh Tarr. He will set off from Tower Bridge and row around the coast of Britain. This tortuous 2,000 mile race is the world's toughest rowing challenge, and will take the rowers through the busiest shipping lanes on earth and into some of the most treacherous tidal passages in the world. The route will take the rowers non-stop and unassisted from London, around Land's end, up to John O'Groats and back to the capital. Two charities - Walking with the Wounded and Leukaemia Research - will benefit from the race.


We were very interested when Jason contacted us about sponsorship, and not only because of the Rowing Challenge itself. Jason is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Advisor who has completed many marathons, triathlons and other events; he is also a great advocate of quality British brands. As he said, 'I own a Rolex and an Omega, but the Pinchbeck story appeals to me'.

Josh Tarr (left), and Jason McKinlay (right) make up team 'Savoir Faire'

Watch this space for more news of this exciting collaboration!


"This is one of the most extreme and exciting challenges I have ever come across, rowing around the UK non-stop and un-aided any way and in a competitive race. Definitely the hardest rowing race in the world. How exciting!"


Sir Richard Branson

Jason McKinlay and Josh Tarr of Team Savoir Faire in the GB Row 2013.

We are creating a limited edition watch, the Pinchbeck McKinlay Challenger. The first example is being made now, for Jason to wear throughout the event, and the remainder of the edition will be offered for sale.

GB Row 2013 Official website - http://www.gbrowchallenge.com/

Savoir Faire website - http://www.gbrow2013.com/


Taking on the challenge of the GB Row 2013

 "Pinchbeck still keeping perfectly..  Have only taken it off

  once during its 31 days at sea so far..."  J McKinlay

P I N C H B E C K - M c K I N L A Y

limits are there to be challenged ...

Jason McKinlay on route on the GB Row 2013 wearing his specially made Pinchbeck-McKinlay Challenger watch:

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