H A R O L D   P I N C H B E C K

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More records made over Bonneville Salt flats . . .


What makes your Harold Pinchbeck watch different?


We work harder for our Customers.

Excellent service is as important to us as the watch itself  (that’s one reason why 75% of our customers send us unsolicited testimonials).  If you have any questions, or need help with your watch, help is only a phone call or an email away. We rely on the strictest of all quality controls: the human eye and the human conscience, and we back them up with a 5-year guarantee!


We are a genuine British business.

We are a British registered company, owned and managed by a member of the Pinchbeck family, whose watchmaking heritage can be traced back to 18th Century London.  Unlike some companies we are not just using an unconnected, but historic, name, and we are not a subsidiary of a large corporation.


We believe in English watchmaking.

We remember when this country led the world in watchmaking, as in so many areas of manufacturing, and we do our best to fly the flag.  Our watches are designed, engineered and assembled in an English workshop.  We know the people that paint your dial, engineer your case and craft your strap. Ours is not the cheapest approach, but every watch we make contains an element of our very genuine story.


Your watch will be made by a person, at a bench…

…not by a robot on an assembly line.  Your watch is a very personal possession; so much moreso if it is made individually.  It’s almost as if someone you’ve never met cares for you.


Your watch can be unique.

Premier Range watches can be customised with your choice of dial colour and strap.  Bespoke Collection watches are built on a bespoke basis, giving you an even wider choice of personalisation.  All our watches come in wooden boxes with your own inscription engraved on a brass plaque at no extra charge.  

We think you’ll agree that this is better than getting the next box from the shelf in someone’s stockroom!


Dare to be different!

It’s not difficult – so why follow the crowd?  Big brands dominate so many of our purchases, but true individuality comes from smaller makers.  Our watch designs are understated in a very English way: they are also made to be clearly legible, so that you can tell the time at a glance!

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