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Harold Pinchbeck English watchmakers; Fine engine turned dials.

Special Commissions . . .

Harold Pinchbeck are able to undertake special commissions upon request.  

This service is only available after detailed consultation.

A customer commissioned us to create this bespoke watch for his wife, inspired by John Harrison's 'H4' marine chronometer of 1761.


The dial is a meticulously rendered miniature based on the original, and the handmade case is in hallmarked sterling silver.  A strictly limited edition of one: the ultimate in exclusivity!

Harold Pinchbeck one off commissioned luxury watch inspired by John Harrison's 'H4' marine chronometer. DSC_0300 edit x 1000 DSC_0417 x 1000

Please contact us to discuss your requirements


email: info@haroldpinchbeck.co.uk          Telephone: 01522 560550

This watch was created and designed in our workshop for a customer who wanted a completely unique dial design, incorporating a larger date window for ease of use.


The design on the dial was inspired by a stained glass window, replicated and painted onto a brass dial using colours chosen by the customer.

Simple customisation options are of course possible, such as this unique George watch.


The customer liked the timeless classic style of the George automatic yet wanted his own unique twist, the gold on the bezel and crown created just the twist the customer was looking for!

DSC_0001 edit x 1000

This was a commission for a pair of 'His & Hers' watches to celebrate a Ruby Wedding anniversary.


The dial designs were both interpretations of previous designs, but to be painted in a ruby-red colour. The ladies watch was painted on Mother-of-Pearl and set with a Ruby stone in the crown. The gentleman's watch was Painted in ruby-red on Parchment, the automatic movement was presented with an exhibition back.

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