H A R O L D   P I N C H B E C K

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Keating Supercars have provided the inspiration for a new Harold Pinchbeck watch.


The cars, made in small numbers in Manchester, sell for upwards of £300,000.  Each car can include the owner's personal touches.


Earlier in 2012, Anthony Keating contacted us about making a watch to represent his cars.   The result of this collaboration will be a completely new watch, incorporating several unique and innovative features, and hand built to standards that reflect the quality of the cars themselves.


The new watch, which can be colour keyed to match a car, is now available to order, for more information click here


To read more about Keating supercars please visit their website here:  www.keatingsupercars.co.uk

The Keating supercars and Harold Pinchbeck luxury watch. Keating Supercars Keating 3x1000x600