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A pair of beautiful bespoke watches to celebrate a Ruby Wedding anniversary . . .


It’s always interesting to collaborate with a customer to create a bespoke watch, so it’s twice as interesting to work with a couple on a ‘his and hers’ pair of timepieces. That’s exactly what we did with Brian and Terry, from Cleveland, who recently celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, and who commissioned two very special watches as part of their celebrations.


Interestingly, and rather nicely, they didn’t go for watches which were identical except for size. Brian chose a personalised Christopher, with a special, traditional dial design in ruby red on a cream background. Terry opted for a mid-sized (36mm) watch; her dial was similar to our classic design, although the ruby red figuring was applied to a mother-of-pearl base. The back of her watch has an exhibition crystal showing a motif based on the famous Bishop’s Eye rose window of Lincoln Cathedral. Both watches are engraved with the date of their Ruby Anniversary. The result: a pair of watches which, although different from each other in many respects, are united through their shared features.


The whole process, from our initial meeting to delivery, took about five months. It was wonderful to receive Brian and Terry’s email when they opened the packages:


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“We have received our watches, and cannot thank you enough; the attention to detail, and courtesy shown to us throughout our experience has made these watches something to treasure for many years to come. Once again thank you to you and your staff.”

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