bespoke service & Customisation

It's quite something to own a bespoke watch: a special timepiece that has been created for you - and for you alone. Yet you can own such a watch for a similar price to that of many of the prestige brands that can be bought 'off the peg' in high street jewellers.

Each bespoke watch is beautifully made, by real craftsmen, using the best materials. A watch for life, that may also become a treasured heirloom, it is the ultimate and most personal of gifts.

It's also extremely rare, because very few watchmakers offer such a service. When you commission your bespoke watch from Harold Pinchbeck it will not exist in any recognisable form, as it has still to be made. By comparison, a high street watch will already be waiting, in the retailer's stockroom, for a customer to come along.

Consultation with you, the Customer, is the first, and most important, stage. Whether by telephone, email or face-to-face we will agree your watch's specification - details of its case, dial, hands and strap. Each of these pieces will then be made, not in some anonymous overseas factory but in the small English workshops of specialist craftsmen.

We don't stop there. Your watch will incorporate an even deeper level of personalisation that simply isn't available on big brand watches.  

For example, on the Christopher watch, the golden chapter ring (between the glass and the dial) can be engraved with your chosen dedication. Inscribed by hand and almost secret, this tiny lettering is a work of art. To the best of our knowledge no other watch company offers this exceptional feature. It is part of every Christopher, so that every example is unique.

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Going further, there is a variety of options. Your watch case can be made in stainless steel (as standard) or from a precious metal, and the bezel's design can be varied and set with stones or engraved. The rotor of the movement can be gold plated and engraved with your initials or a date, visible through a sapphire crystal case back. If you opt for a solid back we will hand engrave your chosen wording on an 18 carat gold disc, or you could have a family crest, for example, hand enamelled in polychrome. Your dial can include your initials, or it can be made to your own design, to be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. It can even include traditional engine-turned decoration.

Many of these features are created using skills that, although rarely found today, contribute not only to the beauty of your watch but also to the story behind its creation. As you will expect it will take several months to make your watch, but the wait will be worthwhile!

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