A Limited Edition watch: perhaps it’s an edition of just one!

For a Harold Pinchbeck even rarer than a Premier Range watch, why not consider a timepiece from our ‘Bespoke & Limited’ collection.

Our limited editions celebrate some great British strengths: engineering (Brough Superior), the spirit of adventure (McKinlay) and London’s heritage (Doggett’s Race). These beautifully made watches are intriguingly different, even from our own more standard offerings.

A further step along the road to individuality is the bespoke Christopher. Look on the Christopher as a ‘blank canvas’; a concept to which you can add as many - or as few - custom features as you wish. Some of its parts may not even exist when you order your watch, as they will have to be made especially for you! The result will be something truly unique to you, its proud owner.

Your Limited Edition, or Bespoke, watch, will take a while to make, but the wait will be worthwhile. Special possessions like this have a soul, and tell a story, which is why they are a source of such pride and quiet satisfaction. Nobody else will own anything quite identical!

You’ll also enjoy a far higher level of personal service than you’ll find on the High Street, whether we consult by email, telephone or in person. We will, of course, keep in touch while your watch is being made, and we will also be available after delivery to answer any questions you might have about your purchase, and to help keep your timepiece in the best possible condition for many years to come.

Christopher 5 x 500.JPG

The Christopher

A perfect choice if you demand true individuality. With features rarely found on any watch, you can customise your Christopher to your personality.

Bespoke automatic

Made to your specifications

Lifetime warranty

From £4999

Pinchbeck-McKinlay x 500.JPG

The Challenger

A record-breaking watch worn and used on a two man record time row around Great Britain. You can own your personal version of this beautiful and hardy watch.

Bespoke automatic

Customisable elements

Lifetime warranty available

From £4499

Lambeth Reach x 500A.JPG

The Lambeth Reach

A beautiful combination of contemporary case and traditional dial. The Lambeth Reach is part of a limited edition - the prize for the historic Doggett's boat race!

Prize of the Doggett's race!

Limited edition of 270 pieces

Lifetime warranty available


Chelsea Reach x 500A.JPG

The Chelsea Reach

A very exclusive limited edition. The Chelsea Reach is sumptuous yet understated in design, enhanced by the discreet inclusion of gold embellishments.

Automatic or hand-wound

Very limited edition of 25 pieces

Lifetime warranty available


Brough SS100 x 500.JPG

The Brough SS100

A collaboration of Pinchbeck and Brough Superior brings you this beautiful tribute to the legendary Brough Superior SS100, the 'Rolls Royce of Motorcycles'.

Gold embellishments

Limited edition of 100 pieces

Lifetime warranty available


The Brough SS101

Inspired by the engineering of the Brough motorcycles, an elegant timepiece that reflects the magnificence of the motorcycles whose name it bears.

Gold embellishments

Limited edition of 101 pieces

Lifetime warranty available


Rossoman x 500.JPG

The Rossoman

A very special bespoke ladies watch. The Rossoman is truly unique, it can be made to your own specifications to make it your limited edition of one!

Case of gold, platinum, or silver

Choice of precious stone decoration

Lifetime warranty available

Price on quotation