Bringing Back the Human Touch!

The Industrial Revolution proved that machines can manufacture more cheaply, but the goods they made were still sold and served by humans. Today's mass produced goods are, increasingly, also served to us by machines!

A Good Indicator for Great Customer Service

As an update to my last post 'Give a little, receive a lot', the very next day we received this very nice email testimonial from one of our recent customers, so I thought to post it on here to add more depth and credence to my writing.

Give a Little, Receive a Lot.

Every week I get together with some people who I would consider good friends to train together in a Martial Art, I wont go into the details of the training, as this is just to set the scene slightly, but after the training we were having a discussion about the great camaraderie we have.

Designing a Watch - It All Starts With a Sketch

At Harold Pinchbeck watches we design our own watches, we do not sub-contract this out to design companies or buy the manufacture and design in from large watch manufacturing facilities, like so many other companies do.

Harold Pinchbeck Watchstraps - Beautifully made by Tanner Bates

We always like to do things a little different and special at Harold Pinchbeck watches, if we can make something in a more genuine and organic way...we will. A watch being the sum of its parts, what really matters in our eyes is what the whole watch looks like, its overall style, design and quality is key.

On The Bench - The Harold Pinchbeck Christopher Watch

This is a Harold Pinchbeck Christopher automatic watch on the workbench, this is where it all finally comes together to produce a very special bespoke watch.  After many weeks of work, all the carefully crafted parts are finally brought together on the workbench, under the meticulous care of a highly skilled watchmaker.

The Pinchbeck Engraved Inner Sight Ring - The Difference!

Most high-end watch brands you will see on the market are being produced in fairly large numbers which means there is little opportunity to have your individual mark built into the watch, in essence you will be just buying the next one off the shelf!

A World Rowing Record helped by a Harold Pinchbeck Watch

In July 2013 we were proud sponsors of Team ' Savoir Faire'  on the fantastic 2013 GB Row around Great Britain. The team consisted of two avid adventurers Jason McKinlay and Josh Tarr.

Your satisfaction is our Business and our Priority.

Here is a very recent email we received from from just one of our customers. We receive our share of very good feedback and this is just one example. Our priority is to give the very best possible service to all of our customers.

Building Watches to Last

Looking in jewellers' windows, I am often struck by the glittering, flashy appearance of the watches and other goods on display. Carefully arranged, and lit with the latest technology, they are shown at their brand new, most seductive best - in much the same way as clothes and cars.

Does the Watch You Are Buying Still Have a Genuine History or Is It Second Hand?

When we are buying products these days, it is vital to know the background of the product. This is especially true in the case of luxury watches or timepieces. Many English watches have roots that go back centuries, literally. But is that history still evident in the current product or is it simply a "selling point"?

When You Bought Your Last Watch, Did the Experience Meet Your Expectations?

We have all bought items and then had to call or contact customer service. Did the person on the other end handle your situation or simply push the call elsewhere? Was the problem resolved?

Are you Paying Your Watchmaker for Craftsmanship or Advertising?

It is a very nice feeling when the day has arrived where the bills are all paid, you've got some money in the bank, your investments are working for you, your family is happy, and it just seems like it's time to splurge a little bit on yourself.

The Account of 'Will Battle' on the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

It is 6.30pm on a balmy late-summer evening in Chamonix in the French Alps.  Along with 2300 other competitors I stand on the start line of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.  Before us lie 166km (103 miles) of running and walking, and a net climb and descent of 9500m.

Is a Wristwatch A Practical Tool or a Work of Art?

For those that care about having both an accurate timepiece and a piece of jewellery that makes a statement, these individuals are regularly pleased when the words "Those are beautiful luxury watches!" are directed their way.

The Polar Race - A Pinchbeck watch went to the North Pole

In March 2009, 61 year old Roger Davies, from Surrey, set off on foot from Resolute Bay in Canada, in a 400 mile attempt to reach the North Pole before twenty other determined competitors.  However, unlike the other competitors in the Polar Race 2009 he wore a specially made Harold Pinchbeck watch.