Are you paying your watchmaker for craftsmanship or advertising?

It is a very nice feeling when the day has arrived where the bills are all paid, you've got some money in the bank, your investments are working for you, your family is happy, and it just seems like it's time to splurge a little bit on yourself. You've had your eye on a number of different luxury watches, but a couple of fine English watches have really caught your eye. The fine English watches that you have your eye on are beautiful in every respect, have wonderful style, and the jeweller that you spoke with says their craftsmanship is impeccable. What you are having trouble understanding is why aren't they as expensive as some of the other brand name watches?
Then it dawns on you. Although you have heard of luxury watches from makers like Harold Pinchbeck in England from a number of your colleagues, you can't remember seeing a wide range of advertisements for them. In comparison, you recall advertisements for some of the more famous (and extremely expensive) luxury watches on billboards, in print media ads, in television commercials, and yes, even signs showing their sponsorship at many major sporting events and other venues. The only logical conclusion to make is that these other luxury watches are carrying a huge portion of their cost in advertising and not necessarily additional craftsmanship.
When one thinks a little outside of the box, they realize that they can purchase fine English watches with a lower total cost per "tick," but a higher level of craftsmanship per "tick" as well. Often misunderstood in the realm of luxury watches is the fact that many famous makers are not offering hand-crafted quality as part of their offering. With many of their luxury watches being mass produced and "one is the same as the next" they rely heavily on their name brand recognition to fuel additional sales. A significant portion of the cost of their watches is "advertising expenses" that are necessary for the continued promotion of their product lines.
Using name brand recognition and a sense of exclusivity by charging a lot of money for a product is not a new marketing concept, but it is a concept used heavily in the luxury watches market. Fortunately, there are also manufacturers like Harold Pinchbeck that take a totally different approach by offering truly custom one-of-a-kind fine English watches at very competitive prices. Using attraction rather than promotion as their guiding principle, they look to satisfy the wants and needs of the individual on very personal terms by working with the client to design a specialized and highly crafted product that will provide years of total satisfaction.
If one is looking to splurge a little and purchase an ageless timepiece, they owe it to themselves to investigate watchmakers a little further than just the advertisements that they have become so familiar with. You just might find your "diamond in the rough" by looking at what specialized watchmakers like Harold Pinchbeck have to offer in hand crafted custom built English watches.

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