Building watches to last

The beauty of building to last

Looking in jewellers' windows, I am often struck by the glittering, flashy appearance of the watches and other goods on display. Carefully arranged, and lit with the latest technology, they are shown at their brand new, most seductive best - in much the same way as clothes and cars.

I'm equally struck by how different these goods often look in the real world. Jewellery, watches and clothes are made to be worn; cars are built to be driven - in conditions far removed from the theatre of the showroom!

Our watches are designed to look good in most circumstances, not just when perfectly lit on a display. They are intended to last for years (hence the 5 year guarantee), and many customers hardly ever take their watches off. For example, the embellishments on the Brough watches are solid gold, not plating which will wear off. And we have subjected our quartz watches to extreme punishment - including freezing, boiling, saturation and dropping - to make sure they will carry on working! Of course, we recommend that owners cherish their watches rather than abuse them, but we do build them to last!

By selling direct, rather than through retailers, we can offer better value and service. And our Premier Collection watches come with a 90 day 'no quibble' guarantee of satisfaction, allowing you to buy your watch in the knowledge that we will replace or rectify it - or give you a full refund - if you're not completely happy with it.

A bespoke Harold Pinchbeck Christopher watch.

A bespoke Harold Pinchbeck Christopher watch.