Does the watch you are buying still have a genuine history or is it second hand?

When we are buying products these days, it is vital to know the background of the product. This is especially true in the case of luxury watches or timepieces. Many English watches have roots that go back centuries, literally. But is that history still evident in the current product or is it simply a "selling point"? If you are looking for quality and longevity to the point of handing down a legacy, this is extremely important.

One such maker of luxury watches has a history that dates back to the late 17thcentury and has been handed down through time to the current ownership. It has always remained in the same family and retained the same quality. As a result, this specific brand of luxury watches and timepieces has come to be recognized as a leader in the industry. The pedigree has remained intact through the ages, if you will.

Many current makers of luxury watches these days simply use the history or pedigree as a selling point. For example, Timex has been using the same slogan for several decades now. I am sure you are aware of that slogan. The problem is that they have been mass producing the watches and there is no longer any credence to the claims they make. This is evidenced in their price range and as we all know, we get what we pay for, right? Plus there is no real history except that they have been around for a few years.

So the question, as you can see here, is whether the watch you are buying has a real, genuine history or is it just "loose talk"? Many brands of handmade luxury watches boast of long, historical usage by famous people. Especially English watches, where the tradition is one of quality workmanship. Is that true? They may say that their ancestors were from a long line of watchmakers. Is THAT true? Can the history of the luxury watches or English watches be traced back? How far? Has the company stayed in the same family or changed hands through time?

Many times, makers of luxury watches change hands and quality standards can change. So is the watch you want to buy pedigreed in truth or just words? Only real research will tell the story.

True English luxury watches are made by hand, piece by loving piece. They are assembled one piece and process at a time with a care that is only afforded to luxury watches. Even after being assembled and tested, luxury watches are then submitted to a hands on, human quality control procedure. This ensures that every watch manufactured is up to the standards of the company's history and reputation.

Now every luxury watch or English watch made is not equal by any means. The ones that have a searchable history and status as a quality product will want to KEEP that tradition alive. This is the type of watch that you can hand down to your children and their children's children after them.

The proof is in the history and trademark of the timepiece craftsman.