Harold Pinchbeck watchstraps - beautifully made by Tanner Bates

We always like to do things a little different and special at Harold Pinchbeck watches, if we can make something in a more genuine and organic way...we will. A watch being the sum of its parts, what really matters in our eyes is what the whole watch looks like, its overall style, design and quality is key. When producing a watch, the style, quality and provenance of every part of this watch, and how they combine together, is crucially important.

The watch strap is just one part of the entire watch, but is just as critical to the look and feel of the watch as any other part, so we pay just as much attention to the watch strap as any other part. We have our watch straps made by John Hagger of Tanner Bates, John is a third generation leatherworker of the highest order. The quality of Tanner Bates leatherwork is second to none and really must be held, touched and used to be truly appreciated.

John believes in producing our leather watch straps in the best and most organic way. The oak bark tanned hide used is tanned using oak bark from the Lake District, it is tanned in huge underground pits after which the hides are hand finished. This is a process which that takes almost 2 years and is a  long way from the automated factory production of modern world tanneries.

The result of these methods, produces what we believe, one of the most beautiful, tactile and hardy leather watch straps on the market today. As well as being exceptional in quality we also think you will find them great value. We can produce our watch straps in a multitude of styles, leathers and colours. If you cannot see something that matches what you would like as your watch strap, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.