How are Harold Pinchbeck watches made?

Often we are asked the question of how Harold Pinchbeck watches are made? are they English? do we make the watches ourselves?

There seems to have been a momentum over the last 5 years of new English watchmaking brands appearing, a revival of English watchmaking if you will, of course in this day and age, and with the world as small as it is in terms of commerce and is sometimes very hard to tell who are the real genuine makers, and who are hiding behind a veil.

Here at Harold Pinchbeck watches we believe in doing everything, including making our watches, in the most genuine, honest, traditional and transparent way. This of course is not easy and does not lead to the cheapest or most cost effective way of making watches, but it is the way we like to do things and will continue to things this way, now, and in the future.

We believe in making our watches as English and hand-made as possible according to their price level. We make our own cases, our engineers are highly experienced and have been honing and learning their skills for decades. Even though I am essentailly a designer with Harold Pinchbeck, I cut my teeth for 20 years in the engineering world using very traditional methods, finishing to extremely high tolerances using hand finishing techniques in polishing, lapping and finishing.

Our straps are made by a third generation Saddler who uses the most traditional methods and only the very best Oak tanned hide. John's watch straps really have to be felt, touched and smelled to be believed, they are truly wonderful and I feel they really are the best watch straps I have ever had the pleasure of holding and wearing.

These of course are just two parts of our watches, our dials are English and printed by traditional methods by a centuries old English family company, and many parts are made, finished and fitted by ourselves in our very own workshop, in a medieval building, in the shadow of the famous Lincoln Cathedral.

Another aspect of our provenance is that we are still owned and steered by members of the Pinchbeck family, we are not a new and made up brand, nor are we a company who have just purchased and old and defunct brand name just to try to get a foothold in the market. We are holding fast to our forefathers traditions to provide a very honest and high quality watch, that the owner can be involved in its design and production, producing a truly personal timepiece and heirloom.

I will be posting further, visiting this subject in more depth in the near future, to give  people a much more  detailed view of how we make our watches, a greater knowledge of our watchmaking methods and introduce plans for future designs.

Very Best Regards