Is a wristwatch a practical tool or a work of art?

For those that care about having both an accurate timepiece and a piece of jewellery that makes a statement, these individuals are regularly pleased when the words "Those are beautiful luxury watches!" are directed their way. This acknowledgement of concern for accuracy, while also displaying a sense of style in fine English watches, is often greatly appreciated while producing a level of personal satisfaction that is hard to put into words. Is it possible for one to derive joy out of a piece of hardware (as seen by some overly practical people) when one's thoughts become more inclined to view a wristwatch as a work of art?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Knowing that some people are very practical in selecting a watch, many manufacturers produce low-end watches that are quite accurate at keeping time, but these watches all appear plain vanilla or overly gaudy. Seldom do these low end watches have a sense of elegance that luxury watches have about them. Seeing your watch as practical is not the same as glancing upon it with a certain sense of wonder and simply admiring it for its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and knowing that it is made out of the finest materials available. Knowing that other people can see the beauty in your English watches too, well that is just special!

 In the same way that art can be sold that is acceptable to some at starving artist prices, many watches are sold on the cheap as well. Production watches, without a certain level of uniqueness, are like these paintings. You have them, but you almost hope that nobody will notice them. On the other hand, one has art galleries and art museums that deal in finer art pieces that simply have more personality, depth, and warmth. Some pieces are simply masterpieces. It is no coincidence that fine art is referred to as a masterpiece and fine luxury watches are referred to as timepieces. Both are simply exemplary examples of how producing something with passion can make classic English watches a finished product very different from watches produced with a production mindset.

 Knowing that you are wearing a wristwatch that was made by someone willing to stake their name and reputation on their luxury watches lends a certain sense of genuine quality to the product and reflects meticulous detail, a fine eye, and passion that will never be found in something designed to be mass produced. Fine English watches provide attention to detail where as production watches, well, they get the seal of approval from inspector number seven.

 One can immediately tell that your watchmaker truly cares about their luxury watches when, as with the maker of historic English watches H. Pinchbeck, they provide their works of art in a fine jewellery box made of the finest polished wood complete with a superb polishing cloth for keeping your new timepiece looking its finest. Finer watchmakers have no intention of trying to be all things to all people. They focus on being the very best and are therefore much more selective in what they do and how they do it. When you wear a work of art produced by a master for the very first time, then you will know what we mean.