Luxury watches fashionably survive the test of time

There are designer wristwatches that are fashionable because they have been created to "fit-in" with the current fashion trends, and then there are luxury watches that will "be in fashion" regardless of the fashion trends. High quality custom assembled English wristwatches by manufacturers like H. Pinchbeck do not chase the fashion trends, they define them.


There are two schools of thought when it comes to timepiece fashions:
1.    Real fashion is timeless. High quality, elegant, and superbly crafted to last a lifetime; items like luxury watches are simply never out of fashion
2.    Fashion is transitory. Pay whatever price is necessary to stay "in fashion" as determined by the advertisers, marketers, and designers that make their living by getting you to change your mind about what fashion "is" on a month by month basis


Those that keep their head about them while others are losing theirs know that they can spend a small fortune chasing every change in fashion trends. Knowing that manufacturers promoting "trendy" products will often elect to skimp on quality and elect to adopt a "planned obsolescence" strategy for their products, discriminating consumers recognize this and will seek long term value instead.


Unmistakably, post-war consumer advertising, marketing, and mass-production efforts have shown trends in which the level of quality offered has increasingly seen quality playing second-fiddle to advancing avid consumerism. Over-choice has become the norm for many wristwatch manufacturers at the expense of longevity. Not all companies have followed this trend though. Fine English watches offered by firms like H. Pinchbeck are a prime example of a company today that is committed to producing only the finest "never out of fashion" luxury watches.
As a charter member of the "real fashion is timeless" school, H. Pinchbeck follows the traditions of hand-made craftsmanship and timeless design while producing the finest luxury watches available today. Regardless of what advertisers and marketers advocate for the fashions of the future, every one of H. Pinchbeck's wristwatches will remain in-style for virtually every occasion - year after year after year. Making the move to step-up to purchasing fine English watches, knowing that you are purchasing a lifetime of being in fashion is certainly one of the major considerations that should be on the table.


The discriminating wristwatch consumer has two choices: to elect to purchase a "watch for life" from a fine manufacturer of luxury watches, or to chase the fashion trends and buy a wristwatch that may perhaps stay in fashion (and continue functioning) for a battery change or two. While buying a less expensive wristwatch every year or two to remain "in style" may seem to be an affordable solution to some, the wiser consumer knows that purchasing a slightly more expensive custom-crafted, elegant, wristwatch that will serve them well for a lifetime is just a smarter long term decision.


The real option for every savvy consumer looking to avoid the "fickle fashion" trends, and yet remain forever "in-style," is to elect to purchase a timeless timepiece instead. Craftsmanship, quality, and elegance will never go out of style. By looking at fine English watches produced by classic watchmakers like H. Pinchbeck before making their purchasing decision, one will then know that they are making an informed decision for their fashion needs instead of just following the latest trend.

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