Quality or quantity - which is more important to your watchmaker?

Watches come in many varieties and styles. Watchmakers are just as varied and each has their own set of standards. The real question you need to ask is what is more important to your luxury watch maker- quality or quantity? The answer could mean the difference between a watch that gets handed down through the family or one that stops working after only a year or so. Many British watches fall under the category of luxury watches. The reason is steeped in tradition and values.

In the modern world, the idea of mass production is one of profitability. However, in the process of producing thousands of watches each day, quality is sacrificed. Luxury watches are typically not mass produced. They are made one at a time; built and inspected by human hands every step of the way. This is the norm for high end British watches and luxury watches of all types.

For example, one specific manufacturer of watches produces nearly 200 per day. In contrast to that, most luxury watch makers today produce far less units. The result is a high quality piece of timepiece that can be handed down to future generations. Then there is also the matter of reliability and accuracy. British watches, especially those that are handmade, usually fall in to the category of luxury watches.

So before you run out and buy that watch, take a minute to look at the maker; not the product. The watches you see in most department stores probably are not luxury watches. If you want real luxury, go to a jewelry store or watch shop. The difference you see will astound you. The attention to exterior detail is even more poignant than that afforded to the internal workings and movements.

Mass produced watches simply do not have that same finesse or feel to them. Have you ever bought one of these mass produced watches, only to have the gold band turn your wrist green? I know I have and it turned me off to these non-luxury watches. That is a very good example of why mass produced watches are not considered to be luxury watches. Materials are bought in bulk and the maker is more interested in quantity than the quality of the finished product.

  • In the luxury watch market, there are several reasons to invest a bit more in that watch. Here are a few:
  • Each component is traceable to the origin and probably custom made to the watchmaker's specification.
  • Quality control is performed by human hands from start to finish. You will KNOW that the watch is in perfect order.
  • The ability to custom build a watch specifically for you. This is not something that mass produced watches can offer to clients.
  • The knowledge that only people have touched the watch. That level of care is evident and very noticeable by the user.
  • It is a well-known fact that luxury watches made individually and inspected individually have a higher quality than other watches; even in the same class.

So research the watch maker and see if they are more interested in quality or quantity. The difference is on your wrist.