The Pinchbeck engraved inner sight ring - the difference!

Most high-end watch brands you will see on the market are being produced in fairly large numbers which means there is little opportunity to have your individual mark built into the watch, in essence you will be just buying the next one off the shelf!

At Harold Pinchbeck watches we believe in doing things different to the established norm, we aim to create something individual in every watch we produce, we are able to do this because of the way our watches are produced. 

We build our watches slightly differently, we build them indivudually, which means the customer can have that personal message, mark, or customisation built into their watch. This is 'The Difference' as the title suggests. A watch is a very personal item and we believe it should be personal, which is why we offer this level of service to you the customer, so you can have, and own, your truly personal watch.

The Pinchbeck engraved inner sight ring is just one of these truly unique personal marks that can be built into your watch, a very personal message actually inside the watch, that is very subtle yet truly beautiful to view when you know it is there. The message will be hand-engraved into a custom made Gilt ring that is embedded into the watch build, between the watch face and the watch crystal.

We know of no other watch maker that offers this very unique feature, it is certainly not easy to do and can only be built into individually made watches. We can offer this feature in many materials and the message is only limited by space.

If you like to stand out from the crowd, a watch with this feature can certainly become a talking point when people notice this beautiful, yet discreet, decoration.

Harold Pinchbeck Christopher with inner gold ring
Green dial Harold Pinchbeck Christopher
The Pinchbeck engraved inner gold ring.

The Pinchbeck engraved inner gold ring.