The Polar Race - A Pinchbeck watch went to the North Pole

Roger Davies, and his specially prepared Harold Pinchbeck Christopher watch, completed and survived the 2009 Polar Race in good health. You can watch Roger Davies, sporting his Pinchbeck Christopher, in a special interview presented on ITV's 'London Tonight' below:

In March 2009, 61 year old Roger Davies, from Surrey, set off on foot from Resolute Bay in Canada, in a 400 mile attempt to reach the North Pole before twenty other determined competitors.  However, unlike the other competitors in the Polar Race 2009 he wore a specially made Harold Pinchbeck watch. 

“Roger was keen to wear an English watch for this race, rather than an imported one, so he contacted us about sponsorship” comments director Jason Edwards.  “We are excited about this because we think this will be the first time that a Pinchbeck watch has been to the North Pole.  The watch will be specially prepared to keep accurate time at temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius.  The Harold Pinchbeck logo will be emblazoned across his clothing and equipment so that when TV crews and newspapers cover this historic race – as they will in numbers – the World can see that we backed an ordinary guy to achieve an extraordinary success.  It is a great endorsement of our watches, and we are proud to be associated with Roger in the Polar Race.”

Roger Davies ready for the challenge with his Pinchbeck watch

Roger Davies ready for the challenge with his Pinchbeck watch

Harold Pinchbeck and the Polar Challenge.jpg
Harold Pinchbeck watches on the Polar challenge.jpg