When you bought your last watch, did the experience meet your expectations?

We have all bought items and then had to call or contact customer service. Did the person on the other end handle your situation or simply push the call elsewhere? Was the problem resolved? Were you able to get hold of a live person or some automated voice that irritated you? Probably all of the above maybe? So when it comes to buying luxury watches or British watches, the after sale care is as important as the initial contact.

When you bought your last watch, did that experience match up with the product or meet your expectations? If it did not, it should have. These days, too many companies have moved away from personal care for their customers or clients. You, as the customer, should be the king of the world when you call, whether it is with a problem or a compliment.

One such maker of luxury watches, H. Pinchbeck of Britain, will not have that happen. This maker of British watches is prided on their "Savile Row" service model. That reference is to a tailor service in Great Britain that was famous for providing excellent customer care to every customer they ever handled. That service has become a model for how proper customer care should be done; before, during and after the sale.

When you buy a luxury watch from H. Pinchbeck, you can expect exemplary service every time, including;
•    Finding a primary, key individual experienced in the art of customer care and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.
•    A company that recognizes you as an individual, not just an account number or client number.
•    A company that thrives on providing the product and associated service that it says it will. If you have a problem (and we are sure you will not), you can rest assured that a company like Pinchbeck will provide everything it states.
•    A company that sees you as "the King" and treats you as such from the start.

Companies that offer luxury watches as well as British watches have placed your satisfaction above the almighty dollar or Euro. The customer is seen as the most important aspect of the sale. The sheer profitability takes second place to your happiness with the product. This is the difference that is made by real companies performing real customer service.

Many companies these days simply do not care what happens after the sale. What usually happens is you call with a problem, get shifted around a few times and you either get frustrated and hang up, or the call is lost in transfer. This is a sad thing, built it is true nevertheless. By purchasing luxury watches from places like Pinchbeck, this is avoided and your product experience is of the utmost importance.

What takes place now is a domino effect. This ideology leads to a better overall product experience which in turn leads to better products and an industry that is indefinitely sustainable. In short, customer service in all of its forms creates a stronger, more durable industry and view of luxury watches in general. With all this working in favor of luxury and British watches, clients and customers do not mind paying a few more Pounds for a good, solid product.

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