Give a little, receive a lot.

Every week I get together with some people who I would consider good friends to train together in a Martial Art, I wont go into the details of the training, as this is just to set the scene slightly, but after the training we were having a discussion about the great camaraderie we have. The general feeling being discussed was that the group all get on very well, there is a strong sense of giving, trust, nurturing, and not too much overactive ego!

One of the younger members of our group suddenly came out with the phrase "give a little, receive a lot", not a particularly ground breaking quote, but one that has had me thinking now and again for several days. I believe this quote to be a truth that could be applied to many circumstances and situations, but for the main part my thoughts were how this applies to what we do here at Harold Pinchbeck.

In our very modern, commercially driven world, the way we like to provide our service, and make our watches, can occasionally seem to be 'going the long way round', however we feel it is all very worth it! The very quote above brought this into focus and hence me writing this post around this the subject.

To produce things in larger numbers and have a factory mentality most probably creates advantages, but which ones, and for who?

For us it is all about creating something very beautiful, personal, of quality, and ultimately of high value to the owner of that piece. Making a watch that has been thought over, considered and discussed about with the owner, then made with loving care by skilled craftsmen, creates so much more we think. Knowing the person and individual that has lovingly made your very personal item adds something mass production cannot, there is a story behind it, a story that will always exist with that piece.

Creating a watch this way obviously has the added advantage that you have something unique, a watch that no one else really has, a personal look  and style you have installed into this watch, but also apart from this, it will have a story that is unique to you and the experience that is created around the making of your often can you take the opportunity to talk personally with, and get to know, the people helping you make your stuff!

All of this, we hope and believe, provides a unique and great experience for our customers...but referring back my original quote, it also gives us back in loving what we do, and why we do it!

We love to know we have 'done a good job' and helped someone create something very special to them!

To finish off here is one of many testimonials we enjoy and like to lets us know we are on track!

Thanks Paul, it arrived on Friday and now adorns my wrist as I’m sitting at my office desk on this Monday morning.

The Christopher has met all my expectations. By coincidence, the parchment dial is almost a perfect match for the interior of my new car. The red sweep second hand is mesmeric and a constant distraction as my existing watch only has a small indication.  The leather strap is superbly comfortable compared with the steel bracelet worn previously.  Last but not least, the watch’s automatic, mechanical movement beats the mental imagery of a quartz device at all levels.
Once again, thanks for a real piece of craftsmanship with soul.

Very Best Wishes to you and your craftsmen.