The handwritten testimonial - a nice way to say thank you!

Receiving feedback from customers is the best indicator of how we are doing, we never ask for it but are always very grateful to receive it, it lets us know we are providing the right kind of service and also that the customer is happy...the ultimate goal!

As I have mentioned on this blog before, sometimes when something about the feedback stands out, as well as placing this on our testimonial page I also place it here on our blog.

What stood out about this very nice testimonial was that the customer had taken the time to write a letter and post it, something that we do not do often enough maybe in our day of e-mail. A hand written letter is something that is very nice to receive and can be quite personal and meaningful.

I would like to thank the customer for taking the time to write a very nice testimonial and sending it in letter format.

See below:

Just a line to say my Edward watch has safely arrived and that I am very pleased with it. I opened the wrapping to find a beautifully gift wrapped box which in itself is a lovely thing. On opening the box the first thing I noticed was the smell of leather from the Tanner Bates strap. The watch itself is very elegant looking and understated, just how I wanted it. All in all, I am a very happy bunny!
— Many thanks. George B. UK.