The VIP watch consultation - a good way to buy a watch!

Yesterday I took part in a watch consultation with a customer and their spouse who had requested we meet with them and consult on their watch purchase of a bespoke Harold Pinchbeck watch. A wonderful couple and a thoroughly nice time, but more than that, and I say this from the feedback that we receive, for the customer it was an enjoyable experience and good way to choose, be involved in, and ultimately just enjoy their purchase of a new and very personal watch.

We have many of these VIP meetings with our customers at their request, and of course we are always happy to do this with an appointment, It is a great way to purchase a watch we feel...much more personal than just wandering into a Jewellers store to pick and choose from their 'range' on offer. As well as being, what we hope, a very pleasant experience for the customer, the personal meeting, and watch consultation is also a great way for us to get to know our customers and help create, for them, what will be their perfect watch.

What is involved in a personal watch VIP consultation and how is it organised:

The process is very simple, you can just call us up, or email, and let us know you would be interested in a VIP watch consultation and we will arrange a convenient time for you. We have our VIP watch consultations at the wonderfully beautiful Lincoln Cathedral Centre, less than a minutes walk from our offices and in the shadow of the famous Lincoln Cathedral. The reason we hold our meetings in this building is that it is such a nice place to do it, but also our office, being in the Medieval Exchequer Gate Arch, is itself very interesting and beautiful but not convenient for access.

The Lincoln Cathedral Centre

A nice place to discuss your new watch!

We will meet you at your chosen time in the Cathedral Centre, make you feel very welcome, then sit down in a very comfortable private room to discuss your requirements, or answer any questions you may have, all very relaxed with coffee, tea, and biscuits.

In a very comfortable and relaxed environment, we can show many variants of our watches and talk the customer through the making process. Being able to hold, feel and try on many versions of our watches is a good way to get to know them. You can compare different leather straps, see what different styles or colours of hands would look like, choose your watch case style...all in a relaxed manner with no obligations. You can look at different watches in shops of course, but I doubt you will get anywhere near this level of personal service or choice in a shop.

Meetings are strictly by appointment only, but we are very easy to contact and will always be able to arrange something that is convenient. We can also create unique one-off commission watches, so if you have a unique idea that you would like to create, we will be happy to discuss this with you, advise on how we could make this, and how long it may take.

The VIP watch consultation is not the only way for customers to buy a Harold Pinchbeck watch, but it is a unique service that we are happy to provide and one that gives customers a memorable, and very enjoyable, experience to go with their unique watch.

A truly special and personal story for the customer to remember when they created their truly special watch!