Changes to our range of watches

If you have seen our website recently you’ll have noticed that we have made a few changes to our range of watches. We’ve introduced some slightly larger models (the Inigo is the latest), and we will also be putting a renewed focus on our bespoke service. As a small, specialised watchmaker these changes will allow us to concentrate on what we do best: making high quality timepieces and giving excellent customer service.

We have also taken the decision that, from the end of June, we will not be offering quartz (battery) watches. This means that the Edward, and the quartz versions of the Dale and the Hawksmoor, will no longer be available. From July, the whole Harold Pinchbeck range will have mechanical movements.

However, you can be reassured that we will continue to service and repair our quartz watches, whenever they were purchased.

So this is a very good time to buy one of the last few quartz watches from Harold Pinchbeck! In particular, the Edward is great value at its sale price of £549 (down from £699), but they are all great watches, and will always be backed up by great support.