Harold Pinchbeck Adventures

Harold Pinchbeck and The Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge

Harold Pinchbeck and The Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge

This year was the 300th race of the famous and historic Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge, held every year for 300 years now on the Thames between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier, Chelsea. Up to six apprentice Watermen compete in this 4-mile race which passes under eleven bridges en route.

A world rowing record helped by a Harold Pinchbeck watch

In July 2013 we were proud sponsors of Team ' Savoir Faire'  on the fantastic 2013 GB Row around Great Britain. The team consisted of two avid adventurers Jason McKinlay and Josh Tarr.

The account of 'Will Battle' on the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

It is 6.30pm on a balmy late-summer evening in Chamonix in the French Alps.  Along with 2300 other competitors I stand on the start line of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.  Before us lie 166km (103 miles) of running and walking, and a net climb and descent of 9500m.

The Polar Race - A Pinchbeck watch went to the North Pole

In March 2009, 61 year old Roger Davies, from Surrey, set off on foot from Resolute Bay in Canada, in a 400 mile attempt to reach the North Pole before twenty other determined competitors.  However, unlike the other competitors in the Polar Race 2009 he wore a specially made Harold Pinchbeck watch.