Harold Pinchbeck customer service

More testimonial letters in the post for Harold Pinchbeck watches.

There seems to be a growing trend of our customers sending written letters for their testimonials, which we think is great. We never ask for testimonials, but of course we are always very grateful when we receive them.

The handwritten testimonial - a nice way to say thank you!

Receiving feedback from customers is the best indicator of how we are doing, we never ask for it but are always very grateful to receive it, it lets us know we are providing the right kind of service and also that the customer is happy...the ultimate goal!

A good indicator for great customer service

As an update to my last post 'Give a little, receive a lot', the very next day we received this very nice email testimonial from one of our recent customers, so I thought to post it on here to add more depth and credence to my writing.

Give a little, receive a lot.

Every week I get together with some people who I would consider good friends to train together in a Martial Art, I wont go into the details of the training, as this is just to set the scene slightly, but after the training we were having a discussion about the great camaraderie we have.

Your satisfaction is our business and our priority

Here is a very recent email we received from from just one of our customers. We receive our share of very good feedback and this is just one example. Our priority is to give the very best possible service to all of our customers.

When you bought your last watch, did the experience meet your expectations?

We have all bought items and then had to call or contact customer service. Did the person on the other end handle your situation or simply push the call elsewhere? Was the problem resolved?