The Pinchbeck difference

Harold Pinchbeck and The Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge

Harold Pinchbeck and The Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge

This year was the 300th race of the famous and historic Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge, held every year for 300 years now on the Thames between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier, Chelsea. Up to six apprentice Watermen compete in this 4-mile race which passes under eleven bridges en route.

Bringing back the human touch!

The Industrial Revolution proved that machines can manufacture more cheaply, but the goods they made were still sold and served by humans. Today's mass produced goods are, increasingly, also served to us by machines!

Designing a watch - It all starts with a sketch

At Harold Pinchbeck watches we design our own watches, we do not sub-contract this out to design companies or buy the manufacture and design in from large watch manufacturing facilities, like so many other companies do.

On the bench - the Harold Pinchbeck Christopher watch

This is a Harold Pinchbeck Christopher automatic watch on the workbench, this is where it all finally comes together to produce a very special bespoke watch.  After many weeks of work, all the carefully crafted parts are finally brought together on the workbench, under the meticulous care of a highly skilled watchmaker.

The Pinchbeck engraved inner sight ring - the difference!

Most high-end watch brands you will see on the market are being produced in fairly large numbers which means there is little opportunity to have your individual mark built into the watch, in essence you will be just buying the next one off the shelf!