distinguished by simplicity: built in england.

Harold Pinchbeck is not merely a British brand: each watch is actually designed, built and finished in this country. Our designs are understated in a very English way: their simple elegance lets you tell the time at a glance.

Photographs show the looks of our watches, but not the care that goes into their making. Every watch is assembled by hand in England, and incorporates a superb Swiss-made movement. The further up our range you look, the more you will find that your watch's other parts are manufactured in the UK. We embrace computer-aided design, but we also treasure traditional craftsmanship, so our watches are a marriage of both: a world away from mass production.

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Your Pinchbeck watch is built up by a skilled craftsman. His work can't be rushed: it's painstaking, requiring good eyesight and steady hands! When he has assembled a watch he examines it from every angle before testing it thoroughly, adjusting it as necessary to ensure reliability and accuracy. Eventually, the case will receive its final polish and inspection, and at this stage the handmade strap is fitted. Only then is the watch ready to be placed in its presentation box, ready to be sent to its owner, together with the five year warranty.

We believe that, as well as telling the time, your watch should gratify your senses: the eyes, the hands and even the nose (our Tanner Bates straps smell wonderful!).

The quality remains, long after the price is forgotten.