The Harold Pinchbeck company today, and what makes us unique!

There can be few businesses today that can claim family links to the same trade after 300 years. My most celebrated forebears were the two Christopher Pinchbecks, father and son, who made clocks and watches in 18th Century London, yet our company is named after my own Grandfather, Harold Hunter Pinchbeck, who lived from 1890 to 1957.

13-15 George street

Harold Pinchbeck's workshop - circa 1923

Harold Pinchbeck saw the development of the wristwatch, and the elegant style of that era is still very influential. Training as a watchmaker in Hull before setting up business in Lincolnshire in the 1920s, I can just remember him, but like to think that I have inherited many of his values from my Father, including an appreciation of good engineering and the importance of doing things properly.

Perhaps Harold inherited his aptitude from the 18th Century Pinchbecks, who made timepieces of the highest quality for the grandest customers, including Royalty. I hope that our current range of English watches takes its inspiration from Harold, with Christopher - and Christopher - looking over our shoulders!

Paul Pinchbeck


Exchequer Gate Arch, Lincoln.

The home of the Harold Pinchbeck watch company today.