HAND MADE leather straps from Tanner Bates

The strap can make a huge difference to the appearance of a watch, and we try to offer a selection that, whatever your taste, will enhance your watch as well as being of commensurate quality.

We work with an outstanding leather worker, Tanner Bates of Devon, who produces beautiful handmade straps for us. The quality is quite exceptional, as confirmed by many delighted customers. John Hagger, who runs the business, is a third generation leather worker. He was trained in Walsall as a saddler and bridle maker, and has since been an extraordinary teacher of leatherwork as well as a maker of fine leather goods. Find out more at www.tannerbates.co.uk

So, if you are seeking a traditional strap that is comfortable, handsome (and smells wonderful), look no further. The quality of the leather, and the attention to detail that goes into making each strap, tell their own story of English craftsmanship at its best.

Tanner Bates straps are the perfect complement to Pinchbeck watches. If, like us, you feel that anonymous mass production isn't quite right for such a personal possession as your watch, you will agree with our approach. If you appreciate fine British engineering you will also enjoy the subtle understatement of a Pinchbeck watch and the knowledge that it is built to last.

Tanner Bates hand sewn straps are available on all our watches.

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