Read what some of our customers say:

Pinchbeck has the highest regard for British craftsmanship and engineering, the watches are produced to the highest standard, with understated styling, and are built to give good service for many generations, just like our motorcycles.
— Mark Upham - CEO. Brough Superior Motorcycles.
My Pinchbeck Christopher watch has kept perfect time to the second and brought me home in 44 hours 23 minutes (one hour and 37 minutes inside my deadline). Many thanks to Harold Pinchbeck for their wonderful support.
— Will Battle - Adventurer, businessman, and author.
My Pinchbeck is still keeping time perfectly, I have only taken it off once during its 31 days at sea so far. As we round the corner and head North, The Pinchbeck-Mckinlay continues to go strong!
— J. McKinlay - World record professional adventurer!
Ryan Ibbotson.jpg
I am exceedingly proud to wear an English made Pinchbeck watch, a unique watch that was specially made just for me! On my adventures I want something very reliable, but also beautiful, and my Pinchbeck watch fills both of these needs perfectly!
— Roger Davies - Businessman and avid adventurer.
This watch will look truly superb! A perfect partner and fitting timepiece for our cars. The design and engineering quality within Harold Pinchbeck watches is synonymous with the very best.
— Dr Anthony Keating - CEO. Keating Supercars.
The Lambeth Reach watch is beautiful, it’s a pleasure to own and wear. Pinchbeck have created a unique piece of history with this watch, I am proud to be associated with them.
— Louis Pettipher - 2015 Race for Doggett's Coat and Badge winner.

There are plenty more . . .

"Hi Paul I couldn’t find where to post a review on your website but I wanted to say how absolutely DELIGHTED I am with my watch. I love everything about it and the hands are fabulous ...a great choice! Also, the personal touch and well wishes in your stamped stationary was a lovely touch, and then to see that you had included my initials and date of birth in my presentation case was great. Once again thank you for this journey I will treasure my watch forever and my wife and I are quite simply blown away with it!" Kind Regards, Chris


"Good morning Paul, I thought I’d drop you an e-mail to let you know my George watch arrived as promised on Friday. I’d like to thank you for the level of service provided by your company. I’m exceptionally happy with the watch, it is absolutely beautiful and the quality is truly amazing. The watch, Tanner Bates strap and wooden engraved box are of the highest standard and I can assure you I am absolutely converted to H. Pinchbeck watches. I already have my eye on one of the other models and will inevitably be a repeat customer. You can be justifiably proud of your products and I look forward to buying a further watch from you in the future." Kind regards, Charles A. UK


"Dear Mr Pinchbeck. Firstly, I must apologise for not writing sooner to express my delight and joy at the purchase of my Harold Pinchbeck Edward watch, which always attracts attention and comments by people whenever I wear it. I had been looking for a watch that had English origins and history to compliment my small collection of Swiss watches. The watch generates a real pride of ownership when worn that more than equates with other luxury watches. The watch looks amazing, has a real sense of quality in both the weight and design, and a wonderful aroma of leather from the strap. Once again, thank you for a great watch and fantastic customer service." Yours sincerely, Martin F. UK


"Dear Paul, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new watch, and the excellent service I have received from you. I have been wearing my faithful Tag for at least 25 years, and it has given me excellent service. However, I decided that an alternative would be nice. I chose the William for its understated clean style, and it has not disappointed. With its ostrich strap (that fits perfectly) and red seconds hand, to me, it just looks right. The current trend for huge flashy watches, does nothing for me, and it took me a while to find a watch that I would feel comfortable wearing. I wore my William yesterday evening for the first time, and I forgot I had it on. It was only when I looked at the time, expecting to see my Tag that I remembered, and proved that I had chosen well. Thank you again." Kind regards, Simon. UK


"Dear Mr Pinchbeck, I just wanted to send a brief letter of thanks for my brilliant watch, which indeed I received a little over a week ago. Without wishing to sound too over-sentimental and gushing in my appreciation, I just wanted to acknowledge the craftsmanship and heritage that went into making it. The George model that I chose has proven to be a beautifully-made timepiece, one that is understated in appearance with a timeless design that fits perfectly and looks fantastic. It is everything I expected it to be, and then some! The box made of polished wood, with a personalized plaque on top, now takes up pride of place on my bedside table.Thank you to yourself and your small team for ensuring it was made tailored to my request. The telephone service and expertise when I first contacted you was second-to-none, and I will not hesitate to recommend Harold Pinchbeck to any family or friends with a discerning eye for the finer qualities of timepieces." Yours sincerely, A. C. UK


"Dear Paul. I am extremely happy to inform you that my George watch arrived safely yesterday, and it is magnificent! As soon as I took it out of its packaging, it attracted many admirers amongst my work colleagues. It just exudes quality and classical elegance and I just cannot take my eyes off it. Of course it is a matter of personal taste, but I and my colleagues all think that the dual colour combination of stainless steel and gold elevate the watch to a class not found in watches that cost 5 times that of the George. The exclusivity is something that can only be experienced when wearing a watch of this nature. I cannot thank you enough for the manner in which you have handled my purchase. From our initial discussions about my requirements, right through to the delivery, you have personally handled the whole thing most efficiently and professionally. Many thanks to you and to your staff for providing such an excellent customer experience." Best regards, Clive


"My Harold Pinchbeck Edward Watch arrived by special delivery at 8.30am on Friday morning just as you had promised. Since discovering your company and website it has been a very special adventure. From receiving your brochure and sample of leather strap, to the opportunity to attend a private appointment with you and Jason to view The Edward in the fabulous setting of Lincoln Cathedral Quarter. As soon as I held the watch, smelt the leather and fitted the watch onto my wrist, I knew I had found the 'Classic English Gentleman's Watch' I had been searching for. Could it get any better I asked myself? When the day of delivery arrived and I unwrapped the heavily protective packaging, it revealed the most beautifully polished wooden presentation box, leather lined and engraved with my name. Inside was my new Edward Watch which I am so excited about wearing. The entire experience has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Paul for managing every part of the customer experience." My very best wishes to you and all your team.  Regards . . . Peter


"Thank  you very much for all your correspondence and keeping myself informed about my recent purchase. I have received my watch, and on opening the box I was very happy with what I found. A super watch elegantly matched to the dark green strap, I am very pleased I waited those extra few days for everything to be put together. The presentation box alone is a wonderful item and a beautiful box in which to keep and store the watch when not being worn. I will certainly consider purchasing another Harold Pinchbeck watch in the near future, preferably a bespoke Christopher, as it would be nice to have another timepiece made to compliment the racing green dial of the George. Thank you for your expertise and it was a joy to have spoken to you, always nice to receive great customer service. Thanks again and I look forward to contacting you again, thanks to all those that had a hand in making the watch too." Kind regards, Mr P. M. Derrick


"My daughter opened her watch box at her birthday meal with friends and family, the response by all present was fantastic. Not only the gift packaging, but the polished watch box itself with the brass engraved plate drew admiration. I have to say that watch again proved to be a hit with all who have seen it including her work colleagues with many asking questions on your company. Faye is very happy with her choice and wears it all of the time and finds it extremely comfortable.Thank you for the excellent service and quality of your product. Based on the responses so far from all who have seen the watch, and the buying process, I would not be surprised if you did not receive further enquires about your range, including my wife who has expressed an interest in a model with an ostrich strap." Yours Sincerely, Stephen K. UK


"Dear Paul, Just a short note to thank you very much for my beautiful watch. I cannot stop looking at it. It is truly a thing of beauty. Every aspect is just lovely - the dial, the strap, the hands, the crown on the left, my initials, the engraving on the rotor; even the box is beautiful. It has been a delightful experience choosing and tailoring my watch into something truly unique with your kind assistance. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for bringing me this beautiful timepiece. I will treasure it!" Kindest regards, Anton.


"Hi Paul, Just to let you know my Christopher has arrived!!! It looks lovely in a wonderfully understated way. I was looking for a quality, individual and unique timepiece which looks great but can also stand the rigours of regular/constant wearing. It seems you have delivered. I have a few watches, most of them I know I am wearing!! With the Tanner Bates strap and your watch (which I have been wearing since delivery) I hardly know I am wearing it, which I love. The box and little individually engraved plaque are charming, I will certainly require no other and it will sit equally well, and better than some of the others. Also, the knowledge of personally engraved quotation just adds that extra little je ne sais quoi!! All in all, well worth the production wait and price." Thank you again and kind regards, Stephen


“. . . the dealings with the company Harold Pinchbeck in the purchase of the watch were exemplary - communication was second to none and nothing was too much trouble. Since owning it I've emailed them once with a question and got a VERY fast response from Paul Pinchbeck - most impressive . . . its a beautiful and unique handmade watch by an excellent company . . . I cannot praise Harold Pinchbeck and this particular watch highly enough!” - click here to read full independent review!


"Dear Sir. I am emailing you in simple appreciation of the service you offer, I subscribed to your newsletter expecting just an occasional email but was gratified to receive this morning your brochure and letter in the post. This direct and personal approach is remarkably pleasing in an era of condescendingly bland customer service representatives and mirrors your offered products brilliantly. Whilst this approach is more archaic than revolutionary, it certainly feels like a breath of fresh air. Although I cannot afford to invest in one of your fine watches at present, I very much intend to do so in the future."  Many Thanks, J Hutton.


"Dear Paul. Just a quick email to thank you for another beautiful watch. Oliver absolutely loved it, especially the personalisation which makes it even more special to him and unique. Once again I must also thank you for your outstanding customer service. After ordering a watch for my son’s 21st with you I did not consider any other company when ordering for my husband’s 50th. Your watches and attention to detail are truly outstanding!" Many thanks . . . Nina


"Although I received my watch nearly two weeks ago I have only just found time to sit down and let you know how pleased I am with it. It is replacing a much-loved watch that I unfortunately lost, so my new 'Edward' had a lot to live up to. Although I opened the lovely presentation box with some trepidation I needn't have worried. It is so smart and somehow beautifully understated (I can't stand the current trend where men seem to wear watches so large and ugly they almost resemble alarm clocks strapped to their wrists!). So far my 'Edward' hasn't lost a second, so totally reliable as well as totally stylish. Thank you." - David Coasby


"The watch is a fantastic style icon. It is perfectly understated while still being stylish and beautifully crafted. Thank you Harold Pinchbeck for supporting The Soldiers Charity." Kind regards, Ryan Ibbotson


"I've had an Edward watch just over four weeks now, and thought I'd drop you a line to say how absolutely delighted I am with the watch, it's stylish, elegant .looks the part....I wear it with pride. A truly wonderful timepiece!" Best Regards, Keith


"The watch is beautiful and he loves it. He is very impressed, not just with the watch, but the history of your company. As a businessman himself, he is thrilled to have something made by craftsman in Britain. As part of his job, my husband travels abroad, so I've ensured he knows where you are - just in case anyone asks where he got the watch and would like one themselves!! I wouldn't hesitate for second in recommending you. May I thank you for your help, attention to detail, and exemplary customer service from the initial phone call to arranging an expedited delivery." Regards, and every best wish for the future. Wendy. UK


"Now a week into the ownership of my Pinchbeck George watch with midnight blue dial and gilt hands, it's such a wearable watch! With its 35mm case it's neither imposing nor weighty and can be worn day and night in comfort. Having used the watch since it arrived, its quiet but impressive looks made me realise how clumsy and overbearing many other watches are. The Tanner Bates alligator strap fits perfectly and grips comfortably to the wrist whether in cold or hot conditions, the elegant wood case with brass inscription completes the presentation. Pinchbeck watches may seem plain to those that like a lot of bling on their wrists but there are endless watch suppliers that cater for that market. So many thanks to all at Harold Pinchbeck for my George watch that grows in my respect day by day!" Best wishes to all and a prosperous 2015. Regards... Noel. UK


"I have now owned my George since Christmas - a present from my family on my retirement. It's settled onto my wrist very nicely and the 'strangeness' is subsiding after having worn a Longines UltraChron for over 40 years. I am not a watch person - in that I don't see it as anything other than a time piece and it would never cross my mind to own more than one as I wear it 24/7, but I do love this one, the visual simplicity is just 'Me' ... just what I would have chosen for myself, it is elegant without overstatement ... perfect!" Thanks & Regards, David.


"Dear Paul, a quick note to say how good it was to meet you and to let you know how pleased I am with my watch. I was in Hong Kong last week on business, the two brothers that are owners of the company I am working with, both noticed my watch and commented on its classic style and even the curvature of the glass. So it does attract attention - I told them it was a Harold Pinchbeck watch." Keep well, Dave. UK


"Good evening Paul, I received my Chelsea Reach watch today and I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the timepiece. It is simply stunning and so elegant, and the beautiful engraved presentation box that it arrived in is a wonderful touch. Many thanks indeed." Kind regards, Michael. 


"Dear Paul, Just a line to say my Edward watch has safely arrived and that I am very pleased with it. I opened the wrapping to find a beautifully gift wrapped box which in itself is a lovely thing. On opening the box the first thing I noticed was the smell of leather from the Tanner Bates strap. The watch itself is very elegant looking and understated, just how I wanted it. All in all, I am a very happy bunny!" Many thanks. George B. UK


"Dear Paul & Jason. Great to see you last week & must say I am absolutely delighted with the watch you made for me. Unusual, very high quality & extremely classy, and a view shared by all my friends I have shown it to. Must think of another special occasion to order another bespoke piece!" Kind regards. Michael Reeve


"Dear Paul, So sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The Hawksmoor arrived - spot on! I am very happy with it - please pass on my thanks to your team, it is a beautifully made and presented watch. My only regret . . . I wish I could have ordered it years ago!" Kind Regards, P Brennan.


"Hello Paul, Thank you for prompt delivery of the "Edward" which my wife was purchasing for my 60th Birthday on 29 December. The watch is beautifully crafted and sits perfectly on my wrist! it is a superb dress watch which I have worn on a few occasions over the Festive Period. I am really pleased with it and it has drawn some very admiring glances - a brilliant piece of English Workmanship!" Best Regards, Ed.


"Good morning Paul, You clearly have a fantastic team of people down there and I will now inevitably only ever buy “Pinchbeck” watches. I’ve already had a number of comments regarding the watch and have referred them to your website. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future." Best regards, Charles.


"Good morning Paul. We have received our watches, and can not thank you enough, the attention to detail, and courtesy shown to us throughout our experience has made these watches something to treasure for many years to come. Once again thank you to you and your staff." Best regards Brian and Terry.


"Hi Paul, watch arrived on Friday just as you promised, enabling me to gift it to my son on his 21st birthday. He was absolutely delighted with the watch and is now proudly wearing it on his wrist. Many thanks for the excellent customer service…I may be coming back to you for one of my own!" Kind regards, Mark


"Hello Paul. Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Edward watch that we purchased just last month for a retirement gift. It was absolutely and most gratefully appreciated by our UK Sales Manager. At the presentation he just couldn’t believe it and was totally lost for words, it was exactly the right choice of colour, style and strap." Kind regards, Lorraine.


"Hi Paul,  Just to let you know that James' watch arrived safely yesterday and he is very happy with it. In addition, I wanted you to know how impressed we have been with the customer service offered by Harold Pinchbeck, a few simple things really go a long way and the service provided by you and your staff rivals some of the most well known corporate and premium brands - we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you." Many thanks, Emma  


"It is here, It looks excellent and thank you for the little touches like setting it to CET. It is always the detail that is impressive. It is a classic design and the modern twist is the size.. which is more subtle and interesting than a red 12. Paul, thanks again for doing all this with such care and attention. I really liked the letter and the box.. the whole package is a treasure.. you have done us proud!" Regards, Michael.


"Hi Paul, I collected my watch from the Post Office this morning. I must say I am thrilled! The experience of un-wrapping the watch was a pleasure, and the stunning box just adds to the occasion. Regarding the watch itself, I was a touch apprehensive simply because I only had the photos to go by, and a sense of size and proportion are not always that easy to gauge. Excellent though - not too large or bulky and the strap is more slim line than I expected which is also great. Simply understated elegance, which is exactly what I was looking for. I am really chuffed, so thanks to all your team who made it well worthwhile waiting for!" Regards, Jack.


"My watch arrived this morning at 09.45 and I am delighted with it. May I compliment on every detail of my order process; your excellent web site; your detailed communication; the quality of the stationery you use; the superb outer carton; the beautiful wooden box with brass plaque and of course the watch itself. I am thrilled and will do all to shout the praise of your product!" Kindest regards, Tony


"Dear Mr Pinchbeck, Many thanks for the Edward, which arrived safely today as arranged. I was anticipating something quite special, and this has more than fulfilled my expectations. It is satisfyingly neat, readable, and has an overall aesthetic that reminds me of a dial from a classic car.  Many thanks for creating such an excellent watch." Best wishes, Greg


"Dear Paul, I’ve had my George for over four months now and I thought I should drop you a line to say how pleased I am with it.  I had been looking for 'the right watch' on and off for over ten years and I have no doubt that I have now found it. Please pass on my appreciation to the whole team involved in its creation." Best Regards, Paul, UK


"Paul, many thanks watch received and it has already drawn admiring comments from my more "watch conscious" colleagues. Something that stands out from the crowd in an understated way. Perfect." Kind regards, David


"Hi Paul and Jason. Just writing to thank you both. I am highly delighted with my timepiece, it's very comfortable to wear and enjoying it very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you both." Kind regards, Gary Cheetham. UK


"The watch is sublime. It looks and feels absolute quality, much better than I could have imagined! The matt blue face with the gold hands is a great combination that works extremely well. The case is a lovely design that matches the classic looks. The strap is indeed lovely meaning the whole combination is fantastic - a winner!" M.S. UK.


"Dear Paul, My George arrived safely and is a total delight! Thank you for making it up to my requirements. I cannot tell you how much easier I find reading the time with the blued hands on the clear unfussy face. It is the perfect size and weight for my wrist!" Regards, David


"My watch arrived yesterday and it’s a delight. It’s always difficult to be sure about what you’re buying when it’s all done online. But the Christopher is everything (and more) that I expected it to be. A big thank you to you and your staff." Steve. UK


"It is a truly beautiful watch. There is a timelessness to this piece that makes it quite unique. I want to thank you for everything. It has been a first rate experience from start to finish..." John. UK


"Dear Paul. I've recently received the Edward watch as a birthday present and just wanted to say its fantastic! I'm really pleased with it! My parents who had organised it with you said it was a really great service and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks again..." Jolyon. UK


"I am very pleased to say that my George watch arrived safely about an hour ago. It looks very good indeed, I could not be more pleased. On arrival it was running smoothly and showing the correct time... I am wearing it with pride! Many thanks for all your help and my thanks also to Jason. I look forward to being in contact over many years of ownership and wish you continuing success." With kind regards. Reeve. UK


"My parcel arrived yesterday morning just as you advised. I think it took me five minutes to carefully unwrap (excellent packing) but it was well worth the wait. One of your reviews describes the watch as ‘understated elegance’ and I think that’s a perfect description. Paul, I’m absolutely delighted with it so thanks to you and your team...thank you for a special experience!" Best Regards, Steve. UK


"Thank you so much for all your assistance, the watch did arrive last Wednesday and was so beautifully wrapped. My husband was absolutely thrilled with his gift! Not only was he impressed with the watch but also the history of your company and the first class service that I have received. It is so refreshing to find such a wonderful product made by a caring and professional company, I will certainly be recommending you in the future." Thank you again, Claire. UK


"Hi Paul. The watch arrived safely and on time and I wanted to say how pleased I am...It is very comfortable on the wrist and looks great too! My wife is also pleased that my long search has been completed - multiple trips to various shops, airport duty-frees and websites! Little does she realise that it might be the start of a collection..." Thanks and best wishes, Dene. UK


"I just wanted to say that the watch arrived on Saturday morning and our son was absolutely delighted when he opened it - it really is extremely pleasing and I know he really will enjoy wearing this for many a year. So, my many, many thanks indeed to you  for all your outstanding help and even more important for a fantastic piece of workmanship." M. P. UK


"I received a William watch for my 60th birthday. It is a beautiful watch which came in a very impressive presentation box with a brass personal inscription. Best of all it is made in England, a very rare thing these days. It is quality and I could not have asked for better." Kind Regards A. N. UK


"Just received my watch and I am thoroughly pleased! The inscription is beautifully executed on the chapter ring; not an easy task I expect. The design and details are quite perfect and just as desired. It fits my wrist perfectly! Many thanks to you and your associates for working with me on this." Best Regards A. L. USA


"Thanks Paul, it arrived on Friday and now adorns my wrist as I'm sitting at my office desk on this Monday morning. The Christopher has met all my expectations. By coincidence, the parchment dial is almost a perfect match for the interior of my new car. The red sweep second hand is mesmeric and a constant distraction as my existing watch only has a small indication. The leather strap is superbly comfortable compared with the steel bracelet worn previously. Last but not least, the watch's automatic, mechanical movement beats the mental imagery of a quartz device at all levels. Once again, thanks for a real piece of craftsmanship with soul. Very Best Wishes to you and your craftsmen." P. F. UK


"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job on my watch - I love it! I notice you also swapped the hour/minute hands for silver ones - I think this colour combination with the red second hand is very striking indeed. I suspect this was a bigger job than it would appear and intend to take a couple of photos of it for you which you can use for should you see fit. Thanks again, I'm never going to take this off!" All the best, Phil. UK


"Dear Paul. Thank you very much. I'm thrilled with the watch and so pleased that I managed to find an individual 'artisan' watchmaker like you amidst so much of the same. For me, it has the perfect balance of classicism and simple, elegant purity. Please stay as you are, doing what you do so well & I hope there's another generation of young Pinchbecks who are inspired by their forefathers!"


"Dear Paul, I’m writing to let you know that my partner was really delighted with his watch – as was I! The watch arrived in time and it is beautiful, just like the picture. We couldn’t be more pleased, and thank you for being so very helpful with all the arrangements." With best wishes. H. UK


"Good morning Mr Pinchbeck. My George watch arrived safely this morning, and is working as promised. A big thank you to yourself and all the craftsmen involved, it looks absolutely superb and feels right upon my wrist. There are very few people left in this world that actually take great pride in what they do, and I imagine the people who work for you, and yourself, are amongst the few. The best part about owning this watch, apart from it being hand built, is talking to the man who actually owns and runs the company, there are a lot of companies out there who should take a leaf out of your book as regards customer service! Thank you once again." Regards.  C. D. UK


"Even the packaging of a Pinchbeck watch is first class as the lined wooden box and brass engraving appear out of the protective box. It really feels like the watch has been made for you, an impression backed up by a  letter signed by Paul Pinchbeck and notes on the amazing history of the Pinchbeck family and their love of watches and timekeeping since the early 18th century. The William watch is neat and clean but with warmth from the parchment face and all has a perfect finish. When you strap it on it feels like your watch straight away and I shall enjoy it for years to come." William F. Brussels


I've got to admit I love the simple elegant design of the watch, and the Tanner Bates leather strap matches the watch perfectly and looks amazing. click here to read full independent review!


"My Christopher arrived safe and well packaged - the presentation case was a very nice touch and beautifully finished. The watch itself was everything I had imagined and hoped it would be - the pictures sent a little before completion did not do it justice in comparison to the finished article, particularly with the addition of my strap choice. The strap itself is as I imagined it would be when choosing the leather and stitching, and is bedding in nicely whilst the choice of Rhodium plating and Blue colour for the dial was definitely worth the extra effort and time - the effect is fantastic and it perfectly matches my fountain pen. The final touch of the inscription on the inner ring is perfect - very discrete and yet a constant reminder whenever I look at the watch. Having searched for years for the right watch for me, I know now I have found it! My thanks to you and the craftsmen involved. Very many thanks again for a beautiful watch. David"


All in all a very good day, a pleasant buying experience and very nice people from a English watch maker with a long history. click here to read full independent review!


Right from the start I was amazed with the level of customer service offered from Harold Pinchbeck. . . This watch looks amazing, feels amazing and has the added advantage of the fact I’m unlikely to bump into any one else with one. click here to read full independent review!


"Just to confirm that we have received the watch this morning. We are really pleased with it and I am sure our son will love it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, not only for a beautiful watch but also for the fantastic customer service. We would not hesitate in recommending your company." Kind regards. Nina. UK


"Just to confirm the watch arrived, beautifully packaged and was presented yesterday evening. It was received with much pleasure and appreciation – so thank you!  Kind Regards..." Patrick. UK


"Hello Paul, I would like to say thank you for my recently purchased watch. I surprised my husband with it on his birthday last Saturday. He is absolutely delighted with it, as am I. It truly is a beautiful timepiece." Kind regards, Josie Foster


"Hello Paul, My watch arrived safe and sound, and I am exceptionally pleased with the modifications made. It is now so much easier to read. Many thanks again for the excellent responses, service and quality." Best Regards, Clive


"Harold Pinchbeck! Watch arrived on monday, superb quality and craftsmanship!" Thanks from Nick @ 


"Hi,Paul, The watch arrived on time yesterday, and here's a little picture with it on my wrist, I think I will call it gorgeous George!" many thanks. I. J. UK


"I have received my 'Edward' watch so I had to email and say how thrilled I am with it, it is perfect in every way, beautifully put together and finished superbly by the presentation box and engraving on the case. It will be a watch that I will always treasure, a truly fitting special gift for a special occasion." Regards J. D.  UK


"Hi Paul, My Wife loved her watch as I do too, the size is perfect and everything about the service has been exemplary, best of all is knowing there aren’t too many examples like it around and its made in England." Regards R. S. UK


"Just to let you know the watch arrived first thing on Wednesday as scheduled and Gus was delighted with it! He is wearing it now and it looks lovely. Thank you so much for the excellent service." Kind regards. Kate. UK


"My watch arrived this morning and I'm delighted with it. I had looked a long time for a quality watch that was simple and understated in style, and not like a slightly smaller version of Big Ben. This fits the bill exactly and the strap and box complement it very nicely. Your service matches the quality of the watch." Regards, Tom Oswald


"Paul, Just wanted to let you know the watch went down a treat with the husband! ...He loved it!" Thank you...Eiko


"Just to let you know, the watch arrived this morning. What a lovely watch and quite unique compared to what you normally see in the high street shops." Well done. P. B. UK


"Dear Paul, Wow! Just got the George, and it fulfils every expectation. It's perfect!" Thanks, Jeff


"Received the watch Yesterday and its exactly what I wanted , I'm sure I will have many years of enjoyment checking the time. Many thanks for your excellent service." Regards, Gary


"Dear Paul, Just to confirm my watch arrived safely. Very pleased with the watch – absolutely beautiful and fits just right, I will enjoy wearing it. Many thanks for swift delivery."  Regards, Allan.


"My William watch arrived today. I am very pleased with it. I have no doubt it must give you a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction and pride to produce something so good. Please thank the lady at ferguson clocks for her assistance." Kind Regards K. A. UK


"I've just collected it and can't thank you enough. Not only did you hit the deadline, but both the case and watch are super. It's a fitting gift and one which I know he will appreciate. Thank you for your excellent customer service and best wishes." D. J. UK


"Just to let you know that I have received the watch today and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you." K. K. UK


"Dear Paul, Happy to confirm that my watch has arrived safe and sound, and it looks absolutely great." Very many thanks, John.


"Dear Paul, Just to let you know that I received the watch yesterday morning. It looks even better than i imagined! It is simple and gives that "back to the basic" impression. It's leather strap is unique in its design and gives the watch a tough character" R. M. Philippines


"Hi Paul. Watch received and it is everything I hoped it would be. Absolutely beautiful I doubt it will be my last Pinchbeck watch! Thank you again for such a personal service and such great quality. Have a great weekend" R. K. UK


"Morning Paul, Watch arrived Saturday, thank you very much. I am now sat at my desk proudly wearing my Pinchbeck watch." Regards. Andy UK


"Good Morning Paul, just received the watch, many thanks. Absolutely chuffed with it!! Now to start saving for the Edward. Thank you very much for the impeccable service!" Regards. A. D. UK


"Dear Mr Pinchbeck, I know a photo of one of your watches on a wrist is a pretty poor thank you, but just to say that I am over the moon with my watch! The service that I have received has been exceptional and please feel free to contact me in the future should you need any testimonial." Mr R. UK


"Paul – the new watch arrived yesterday, and it was better than I’d anticipated. Thank you so much for making it!!  It’s for my daughter’s birthday, and I hope she’s as enthusiastic as I. Next step is organising to buy a Christopher." B. M. USA


"Paul it's gorgeous! I cannot wait to give it to him - he's going to be delighted! Kindest regards and many thanks for all your help." K. A. UK


"My wife recently purchased me a watch from yourselves as a birthday present. I can honestly say it is the best watch I have ever worn and imagine I will pass this watch to my children one day." D. R. UK


"It came on Saturday and he loved it! Thank you so much. I have forwarded your webpage to a number of people. We will be return customers !! R. H. USA


"I have just received my new William watch. The watch is everything I expected. People who have seen the watch have commented on the quality and clean cut lines, which give the watch a distinctive appeal and exclusivity. I purchased the hand made watch strap which is of high quality and finish. I have been exceptionally impressed with the level of attention to detail with the watch, watch strap and service. The presentation box and personal note are what make your company one which I would highly recommend to friends and family. I hope to purchase other watches from your company." P.H. UK


"This is my Harold Pinchbeck watch. Best watch ever...and great name btw! Must come visit some time." #family J. P. UK


"Just to say thank you very much. Awesome watch, Brilliant service! Hope you guys have a 'Great' Christmas." Rob, UK


"The watch itself is everything I had imagined and hoped it would be. I have searched for many years for the right watch, I have now found it! My thanks to you and the people involved. Thank you for a beautiful watch." D. R. UK


"My Husband was so impressed and needless to say, breathless, as he marvelled at the beautiful timepiece you have made individually for him. He has been wearing it with pride and we have had many comments on how lovely and special it is to have a watch personally made for you. Thank you for your very attentive service, attention to detail and assistance in making the watch and sending it all the way to my husband in Australia." R. P. Australia


"The SS101 is simply brilliant in shape and design, I can't believe my Dad never wears his Rolex anymore! It is a truth that needs to be shared with everyone. It's a great wristwatch indeed." William A. Indonesia


"Well, it certainly was worth waiting for. It is beautiful. Already, people have noticed the watch so I have directed them to your website. I am pleased to know that being put together in the UK, the UK keeps the skill of watch making. Thank you once again for the excellent service." Mark L. England


"The watch came and he has it on his wrist... loves it.  You'll be happy to know he had a Rolex and has since sold it - just up and got rid of it thanks to your timepiece. Thanks again for your efforts." Chris. USA


"Just to confirm that my watch arrived on Friday. I am so pleased with it. Everything about the watch is what I expected. It's beautiful. I love the uncluttered face, blue background and the sweep of the second hand. Just why I ordered the watch. Thank you very much and please thank the watchmaker for me." C. P. England


"I am delighted with my Pinchbeck George watch. I received it from my fiancée as a wedding gift and I am so happy with it. It is lovely wearing something so attractive that isn’t made by one of the usual high street brands." Robert. England


"Thank you so much for my beautiful watch. I am so pleased with it that this will be my watch for life!" W. B. England


"I wanted to say how pleased I am with the design of my Edward watch, especially the colour and simplicity. The Parchment dial with the dark brown leather is a perfect mix of colour, it looks beautiful on the wrist and goes so well with any does not 'shout'... it compliments!" G. E. Lincolnshire, UK


"The watch arrived safely this morning at 10.30 and looks fantastic, I am really looking forward to wearing it. It really is a stunning timepiece with the black leather strap and red stitching, a lovely touch." R. J. England


"Thank you so much for the watch and the great service!  My new watch is fantastic...I am so pleased. It was very refreshing to receive such a personal and direct service. Again thank you very much..." P. Hall. London UK


"My Husband loved his gift, he was so happy! Thank you very much for all your help in making this lovely watch for him, and the help you gave me in the process. What a lovely present." Julie. UK


"Received my Edward several days ago, wow... thanks, what a great watch and beautiful design. Its style is top notch, with its simple lines and lovely neutral parchment goes with everything I choose to wear. Thank you for the great watch and the personal touch." cheers Marcus  UK


"Just wanted to show our thanks in your producing our father this lovely watch. What a nice watch and so beautifully presented! He was so pleased to receive it and is wearing it with such pride. The beautiful packaging and personal letter just finished it off so well. Thank you from us all." D. H. Kent UK


"What a great watch! Wonderful service and all so well made and presented! I am overjoyed with my new watch, I finally feel like I have a watch that I own and have had at least some involvement in its making. It is such a great design and feels so good to wear. Thank you all." K. Hill  U.S.A


"My watch arrived safely to-day. It certainly looks the part and wears very comfortably – I will wear it with pride." Thanks, Mike.