The watch is beautiful and he loves it. He is very impressed, not just with the watch, but the history of your company!
— Wendy UK.


The Race for Doggett's Coat and Badge has been held on the River Thames every year since 1715, making it the oldest rowing race in the world. We are honoured by our appointment as Supporter and Official Watchmaker to the race, as not only does this enable us to present a special watch to the winner; we are also delighted to offer you a very special Limited Edition of Harold Pinchbeck watches. The Race is held every year, and the winner in 2019 was Patrick Keech.

Within the total limited edition of 300 watches there are three models: the Lambeth Reach, the Chelsea Reach and the King's Reach.

The Lambeth Reach is a particularly stylish watch, its appeal enhanced by the fact that only 270 will ever be made. It is an ideal and practical timepiece, not only for followers of the Doggett’s Race, but for anyone interested in the history of the City of London and its intriguing traditions.

The Lambeth’s contemporary 41mm case is a happy marriage with the traditional dial and hands. The symbology on its dial includes the Hanover Horse, and reflects the Race’s rich heritage through its connections with the Fishmongers’ Company and the Company of Watermen and Lightermen.

The Lambeth Reach is powered by one of the world’s most respected Swiss-made mechanical movements, the superb ETA 2824-2. Its design and meticulous engineering have been proved and refined over several decades, and it is respected by good watchmakers everywhere. Kept wound by wrist movement, it can also be hand wound.

We deal direct with you, our valued Customer, so that we can provide the best possible service. Every Harold Pinchbeck watch is individually assembled: not - like most watches - in a large factory, but by hand, in an English workshop. It’s then inspected and tested thoroughly before being beautifully packaged and despatched to its owner, complete with its generous five-year warranty.



  • Case: 316L polished stainless steel

  • Back: machined stainless steel with exhibition sapphire glass

  • Diameter: 41 mm (excluding crown)

  • Height: 13 mm at apex of convex glass

  • Glass: convex sapphire (for added scratch resistance)

  • Dial: traditional, finely painted brass: dark blue and red markings on a cream background

  • Hands: blued leaf hour and minutes, gilt seconds

  • Leather watch wallet by Tanner Bates of Devon

  • Water resistance: 30 metres

  • Rigorously tested and fully certified on completion

  • Luxurious Tanner Bates English handmade strap, made to your own specifications

  • Limited edition of 270

Delivery & Warranty

  • Guarantee: 5 Year mechanical warranty

  • Lifetime warranty available - click for details

  • Delivery time: approximately 30 days


  • ETA 2824-2 Swiss-made automatic 25-jewel calibre

  • Tolerance: to within +/- 15 seconds per day

  • Regulated at assembly: to within +/- 5 seconds per day

  • Power reserve of up to 36 hours

  • Vibrations: 28,800 per hour

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Official watchmaker to the Race for Doggett's Coat & Badge

The Lambeth Reach (deposit only)

The Lambeth Reach is a bespoke automatic watch with a limited edition of 270 to guarantee exclusivity. This is for deposit purposes only to secure your order and commence your watch build.

(Deposit price only - total charge payable upon completion = £2995 less deposit paid).

watch build A.jpg

Pictures show the looks of our watches, but not the thought that goes into their making. Every Harold Pinchbeck watch is hand-built by our watchmakers in England. We embrace computer-aided design, but we also treasure traditional craftsmanship, so our watches are a marriage of both; our approach is a world away from mass production.

Your watch is made in a workshop (not a factory), by a skilled craftsman. This work can't be rushed: it's painstaking, requiring good eyesight and steady hands! When he has built up a watch he examines it from every angle before testing it thoroughly, adjusting it as necessary to ensure reliability and accuracy. Eventually, the case will receive its final polish and inspection, and at this stage, the handmade strap is fitted. Only then is the watch ready to be placed in its presentation box, ready to be sent to its owner, together with its certification and the five-year warranty.

The Bespoke watch: lifetime guarantee

When you buy a Harold Pinchbeck Bespoke or Special Edition wristwatch, we guarantee the movement's mechanical performance for your lifetime. The only condition to this warranty is that you return the watch to us for a professional service at least every three years.