The Rossoman

It is a truly beautiful watch. There is a timelessness to this piece that makes it quite unique. I want to thank you for everything. It has been a first rate experience from start to finish!
— John. UK

This very special bespoke watch for ladies is named after Christopher Pinchbeck’s wife. Rossoman’s an enigmatic character, but it’s a fair guess that (being married to a Royal Clockmaker) she wore a rather special watch!

So special that very few will be created, you can rest assured of Rossoman’s rarity.  The intriguing design makes it a particularly lovely timepiece, although that’s only the beginning.

You can customise your Rossoman to make it like no other: a true reflection of your personality. Your Rossoman will be handmade to order from your choice of precious metals: yellow or rose gold, silver, or platinum. Choose one shade throughout, or mix and match these metals on the outer ring and the central case. The dial can be almost any colour you wish: maybe even mother-of-pearl. Your watch can have either a quartz or mechanical movement, whichever suits your lifestyle. As a most subtle finishing touch, the almost-secret engraving on the chapter ring (between the glass and the dial) dedicates your Rossoman to you - and you alone!

In fact, designing your Rossoman can be almost as much fun as owning it!  The whole process is an interesting process of consultation, advice and decision. Your watch will take a few months to make, but the wait will be well worthwhile.
Every Rossoman will be different, so its price is subject to individual consultation and quotation. 

The Bespoke watch: lifetime guarantee

When you buy a Harold Pinchbeck Bespoke & Limited Collection wristwatch, we guarantee the movement's mechanical performance for your lifetime. The only condition to this warranty is that you return the watch to us for a professional service at least every three years. In fact, your watch's first service will be completely free!