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My Harold Pinchbeck watch is stunning, classic, and truly smart...I wouldn’t be without it. Not only that, the finish and quality are tremendous!
— Jack Brooksbank

The Harold Pinchbeck watch collection:

Men's Premier Range

Elegant watches hand built in a traditional English workshop. With a real touch of individuality and its own story to tell, a Premier Collection watch has a desirable understated English style, with a quality that has to be felt to be truly appreciated!

Ladies Premier Range

Gratifyingly different, these beautiful watches are imbued with understated elegance and classic style. Each one is individually built in our English workshop. The perfect present: a gift to treasure!

Bespoke & Limited

When you order your watch many of its parts will not even exist because they will be made especially for you. Your watch will be subtly different - even from a similar Pinchbeck - a limited edition of one. It's a process that defies mass production!

Your Harold Pinchbeck watch whispers good taste: it never shouts

Understatedly English, it’s admired by those who understand fine craftsmanship and traditional service. They treasure the value of something really special. They know that quality is, in itself, luxury.

Choose ‘off the peg’ from our Premier Range, all hand-assembled in our Lincolnshire workshop. Or, for something even rarer, look at our Bespoke & Limited collection.

Whether you buy online or in person, we will deal direct with you, our Customer, rather than through a retailer, to give exceptional service!

Read what just a few Customers are saying:

Pinchbeck has the highest regard for British craftsmanship and engineering, the watches are produced to the highest standard, with understated styling, and are built to give good service for many generations, just like our motorcycles
— Mark Upham - CEO. Brough Superior Motorcycles
I absolutely love my bespoke Pinchbeck watch. A brand I have admired for so long! You need attention to detail in your life, and Harold Pinchbeck watches have it in abundance!
— Andy Rouse - Film producer, business mentor, and entrepreneur
My Pinchbeck is still keeping time perfectly, I have only taken it off once during its 31 days at sea so far. As we round the corner and head North, The Pinchbeck-Mckinlay continues to go strong!
— J. McKinlay - World record professional adventurer!
My Pinchbeck Christopher watch has kept perfect time to the second and brought me home in 44 hours 23 minutes (one hour and 37 minutes inside my deadline). Many thanks to Harold Pinchbeck for their wonderful support.
— Will Battle - Adventurer, businessman, and author.

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